Flex Pegs Warranty Information

At Flex Pegs we engineer our products from carefully chosen materials backed by an in-depth FEA stress analysis calculation to withstand the toughest abuse a rider can expose on the PS-Series foot pegs product. Besides, the foot pegs are one of the highest load-bearing structural members of the motorcycle and our quality control is part of every manufacturing process from raw materials selection to detailed assembly procedures guaranteeing each product is built to top quality expectations. We ride, race and test our products on some of the toughest terrain to ensure the end user receives a robust product that will outlast their motorcycle.


Lifetime Warranty

The two components illustrated below “housing” & “platform” are manufactured from a heat-treated stainless-steel alloy capable of withstanding very high loads, as a result these two components are backed by a lifetime warranty against breakage. The lifetime warranty does not cover regular wear/tear and cosmetic defects such as scratches, small dents, etc. which will occur from normal offroad use. If product has signs of misuse, modification, improper installation, lost or neglect, the parts will not be covered under the lifetime warranty.


Manufacturing Warranty

The Flex Pegs product is manufactured to strict quality control specifications, any major visible defects will be covered by our manufacturing warranty for 24 months from purchase date. Due to variable chemicals within cleaning solutions, e-coat and anodize finish discoloration/fading is not covered under the “manufacturing warranty”. In addition, the platform and housing components are manufactured via casting process, minor surface defects are expected and will not be covered by the “manufacturing warranty”.


Crash Warranty

                If you are unfortunate and damage the Flex Pegs product as a result of a crash, the platform and housing components are covered by the lifetime warranty, all other damaged components are backed by a 50% off retail warranty for 24 months from original purchase date.


Warranty Notes:

Shipping charges associated with all warranty claims are customer responsibility

Original product purchasers with proof of purchase are eligible for warranty coverage. Second hand purchases are not eligible for Flex Pegs warranty coverage.


If you have a warranty claim, please email us at info@flexpegs.com to initiate the claim process.