Rebuild Kit, Hardware

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The A5 rebuild kit comes with all necessary hardware to do a complete Flex Pegs rebuild


Kit includes:

16x flanged pivot bushings

16x linkage fasteners

16x O-rings

6x platform fasteners

2x damper guide post fasteners

2x lower damper fasteners

2x washer m10 (for 10mm pivot pins)

2x washer m8 (for 8mm pivot pins)

2x cotter pins

1x Loctite 243 thread locker (0.5mL)




Utilize Loctite 243 thread locker on all fastener threads prior to tightening to torque specification listed below


Fastener torque specification:

16x linkage fasteners (80in-lb or 9.0Nm)

6x platform fasteners (47in-lb or 5.3Nm)

2x damper guide post fasteners (27.4in-lb or 3.1Nm)

2x lower damper fasteners (27.4in-lb or 3.1Nm)