PS 23 (Royal Enfield Himalayan)

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Flex Pegs PS-Series is a configurable motorcycle foot peg with an incorporated shock absorber mechanism that reduces muscle/joint fatigue by providing an additional layer of impact isolation between the rider’s foot and the motorcycle platform. Not only will Flex Pegs preserve riders’ health and prolong daily rides, but it will also extend years of riding!


Technical features


  • Configurable mechanism, swappable compression springs, and dampers enabling the rider to adjust Flex Pegs assembly to specific rider weight and riding terrain preference**

(see the technical section for additional information)



  • High compression rate (350N/mm) yellow spring
  • Medium compression rate (265N/mm) red spring
  • Low compression rate (115N/mm) blue spring
  • Extra-low compression rate (70N/mm) green spring*
  • Ultra-low compression rate (30N/mm) light-green spring*



  • 75A damper, high damping characteristics (most resistant, high-energy absorption)
  • 55A damper, medium damping characteristics (medium resistant, medium-energy absorption)
  • 35A damper, low damping characteristics (lowest resistant, low-energy absorption)
  • When configured correctly, compression springs will remain rigid under riders’ weight, and spring deflection will commence with additional loading enabling foot control/steering to be unaffected.


Design features


  • Flex Pegs platform is designed to match OEM foot peg height and forward/aft position, thus optimizing rider ergonomics.
  • Robust parallel linkage mechanism enables the platform to remain parallel through full range of travel.
  • Platform travels up to 13mm before contacting the mechanism hard stop, utilizing the full range of compression spring and damper shock absorbing properties.
  • Platform is equipped with threaded holes to accommodate rubber vibration pad accessory and to provide jacking force during platform removal.
  • Platform is constructed from heat-treated 400-series tool steel to offer superior wear resistance, toughness, and corrosion resistance.
  • The Black powder coat finish provides a sharp black premium finish and an additional layer of anti-corrosion.
  • O-rings are located in-between pivot bushings and linkages specifically to prevent contaminants from entering the pivot mechanism area, prolonging bushing wear life.
  • Housing lower arc slots allow water, dirt, sand, or mud to escape.


Compatibility features


  • High precision 3D-Scanning technology was utilized throughout the design & engineering process to ensure exact fitment for each motorcycle brand.
  • Accessories available for PS-Series,adventure platform kit, 5-degree inward cambered platform, rubber vibration isolation pads, and compression springs for light riders*
  • Flex Pegs torsion springs are manufactured from 9000-series steel, providing maximum torsional force during pivot away/retract motion and mimicking OEM geometry to ensure proper fitment.


Foot Pegs PS-Series Model# PS23 Motorcycle Compatibility Guide


Royal Enfield


Model Year
Royal Enfield HIMALAYAN 2016-2022


  • See Variant Detailed drawing for the following details:
    • Product weight
    • Overall product dimensions



What’s included within the PS-Series kit:


  • Flex Pegs assembly (left and right)
  • Die spring, low compression rate (blue) (qty. 2) “pre-installed.”
  • Die spring, medium compression rate (red) (qty. 2)
  • Die spring, high compression rate (yellow) (qty. 2)
  • Damper, 35A (qty. 2) “pre-installed.”
  • Damper, 55A (qty. 2)
  • Damper, 75A (qty. 2)
  • Torsion spring (left and right)
  • Pivot mounting pin (qty. 2)
  • Washer, pivot mounting pin (qty. 2)
  • Cotter pin (qty. 2)
  • Shipping box
  • Sticker


*Available to purchase as accessory, not included within kit

**Refer to technical section for additional load specifications

#Proprietary patent and trademark pending status