Introducing Flex Pegs PS-Series, the cutting-edge motorcycle pegs that enhance your riding experience.


Motorcycle Foot pegs with an incorporated shock absorber mechanism.


Experience comfort on the toughest terrain.

Ride faster and longer every day.

Reduce joint and muscle fatigue.


Patent Pending.


The Flex Pegs PS-Series foot peg is fully developed and optimized to reduce fatigue for all riders across the weight range and riding styles. I encourage you to purchase a Flex Pegs set and not only maximize your riding comfort but extend your riding by years as your body will be exposed to significantly less impact/shock forces. To know about how we went on to create this, read our story


These foot pegs for motorcycle have been designed and customised to variety of motorcycle brands, especially adventure and dirt bikes. Check out the entire foot pegs range here

The Flex Pegs PS-Series offers a unique and innovative feature that sets it apart from traditional foot pegs - an incorporated shock absorber mechanism.


These pegs for motorcycle bring an additional layer of impact isolation between your foot and the motorbike platform. This cutting-edge technology, engineered with precision and innovation, effectively decreases strain on your muscles and joints. Say goodbye to the discomfort and fatigue brought on by riding on rocky terrain and bumpy rides with Flexpegs.


Upgrade to Flexpegs to enjoy the best foot peg technology available. Ride with assurance knowing that you have the best aftermarket shock-absorbing foot pegs ever created to lessen strain and improve your riding experience overall!